Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day November 1, 2008

Why would anybody want to teach people how to brew? Why not? Why keep all that cool brewing knowledge to yourself? You don't know how to teach people stuff? Who cares! Just brew and let them watch. If they get too outta hand take their beer away ;-)

So, I guess I still have plenty of time to get something going for this event. Read more about it at the AHA website. I'd like to get a bunch of people together for this. Time to put it on the calendar and plan.

If your in the area, around Eastern PA, reading this let me know if you might be interested. My wife says the weekend is clear ;-) I'll be brewing no matter what. If you know how to brew or you want to learn, just stop by. If I get any takers, I'll be sure to have some snacks on hand.

Now this really gets me thinking...soon it will be time to harvest the hops, do I have enough ingredients, isn't it time I upgraded to better burner, what about making that keggle? Looks like my homebrewing break is over. Yeah...I wonder if I'll get any choke cherries or elderberries to brew with this year?


Anonymous said...

Why you be doing an all-grain brew on this day? I would like to get into all-grain brewing. So far I have only done some extract brewing.

Adam said...

:-( Not unless its my first all grain. Hmmmm...gotta think about that.

Maybe, we need somebody to help us. We could do it here. Any volunteers out there?