Here's a forum site worth checking out. I like the threads I've read so far. You'll find places for extract brewers, all grain brewers and many others that you might expect. I found one that was kinda out of the ordinary though. "Brewing Today!" Lots of pictures and some recipes. I like the idea that I could go here and find people brewing around the same time I am.


247 members with 94 active...get in on the ground floor :-) There's even a welcoming forum called "Who are you?".


oflan said...

Hey Bits! Glad you found our forum. Your blog looks great. Thanks for showing some blogging love to HBC, we are young and need it for sure.

Adam said...

You're welcome. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true :-) I'm sure you'll have lots of success.

Anonymous said...

Home Brew Chatter is definitely an awesome forum. I am totally addicted now..Thanks! :-)

Adam said...

:-) Just doin' my job.