Brew Basement & Teach a Friend to Brew Day

My wife and I have been hauling junk out of the basement for a couple days now and I have to say I'm feeling pretty good about it. Unfortunately our oven just died so we have to divert some energy to that too. Its always something.

I received confirmation that I can demonstrate extract brewing at our block party on Teach a Friend to Brew Day. I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure it will be great :-) I'm happy that I'm doing something this year, because, I haven't really done anything in past years except blog about it.


Anonymous said...

I say start 'em with all-grain. We could rename it "Confuse a friend who doesn't know anything about brewing Day"

Adam said...

Heheh...nice. Your no stranger to having a crowd around during the brewing process.

Any tips?