Brew Basement, SE PA Oktoberfest and excuses...

Yeah, yeah I'm sure you've heard it before. This the obligitory sorry I haven't posted blog entry. For many months I've posted every other day or even daily. Then I started slipping to every three days. I'm still here though. I have another website I've been working on and some stuff around the house. Not to mention some family visiting.

Briefly though, I have been pretty impressed with http://homebrewchatter.com/. Check it out if you get a chance. Also, locally the Octoberfest weekend here must have been pretty great with Victory, Stoudts, TJ's, Philly Octoberfest and Sippin' by the River all underway. For my own part, I did make to TJ's to have a couple fest beers with my Dad. Ran into Brew Lounge Bryan with his wife. Big Dan was there and some others too. Lots of excitement around the liters of festbier being served and the Blind Pig being tapped. My quick taste of Blind Pig explained all the excitement. Thanks Byan. (no smoke btw ;-) Yeah, I said LITERS of beer.

The brew basement is still underway. I reflected a bit while ripping out the old cooktop in my kitchen (work before play...remember the out of commission oven). Many batches of wort have been boiled there. I think I might actually keep that cook top and put it to use as part of the brew basement. More redding up of the basement completed. Next, rip out the old carpet. (after the range installation of course)

Hopefully I'll get that indigenous ingredients post up for Fermentation Friday. Never too late is what Marcus said. Has a ring to it don't you think?


marcus said...

Adam, send me your entry. I'm adding them as I get them!

Adam said...

Will do. Thanks for hosting this month Marcus :-)