A world where everybody brewed their own beer

Originally posted on August 2, 2008.

For readers arriving here in October & November 2008 from BrewPoll it isn't too late to comment. Imagine what it would be like if everybody brewed their own beer. Imagine what it was like back in the days of prohibition....

What would it be like? Look no further than those who came before you. Imagine a world where...

"...more than 500 malt and hop shops prospered in New York City. Another 100,000 stores sold malt syrup nationwide, including Atlantic and Pacific (A & P), Kroger, and Piggly-Wiggly grocery stores. Prior to Prohibition only 500 to 600 shops sold malt syrup nationwide. By 1928 25,000 shops, including Woolworth's, were selling homebrewing equipment such as bottle cappers and tubing."

"By 1929 the Prohibition bureau, using sales figures for hops, malt, and other ingredients, estimated that Americans brewed 700 million gallons of beer at home." Homebrewing During Prohibition, Brew Your Own, Dec, 1997,Amy Jabloner
Yeah, I could get used to buying malt extract at my local grocery store. Why can't we? After all it is legal to brew your own beer in many states.


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