Question: Why don't grocery stores sell beer making ingredients like malt extract?

Ever since I started brewing at home I have just assumed that I had to buy this special malt extract syrup at a special store, because, well it felt special to be brewing my own beer. Looking back, it kinda seems silly. Its just malt extract.

My perspective has changed. I'm no longer content with feeling special. I think it would be even more rewarding to know that anybody could stop in at the local grocery store and find some malt extract. As I understand it stores used to sell ingredients during prohibition for baking {wink wink} purposes. Hop flavored muffins anyone? What happened? Is there not enough demand? Is it that homebrewing has a negative reputation and grocers won't touch it? Is it some conspiricy against homebrewers? ;-)

So why don't grocery stores sell beer making ingredients like malt extract?


Bryon said...

I'm guessing they feel there is not enough of a market for it...

In my town, grocery stores can't sell beer at all. I need to go to a package store, or a grocery in the next town.

That's odd don't you think? Especially considering I live in CT, and there's no dry counties or anything like that you some times find in the South.

Adam said...

Yeah, you can't sell beer in grocery stores anywhere in Pennsylvania. Well there are at least one or two stores where they have a package store built into the grocery store, but, physically separated by a counter or display rack. Interesting.

I've been reading the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board site and I sometimes see malt mentioned. I wonder if they really mean malt or they mean malted beverages.

I was hoping somebody else could help with this question too. My guess is that everybody is used to getting their malt at the LHBS 'cause that's the way they have always done it.

Why can't we buy malt extract at the grocery store? Hmmmm....