Poll Update: Do you think everybody could brew their own beer?

Thanks for participating in the poll. If you still want to vote, there is still time. The poll is at the top of the page. http://beerbits2.blogspot.com With 26 votes cast it seems like the crowd is more optimistic right now that everybody could brew their own beer.

  • 11 say YES
  • 9 say NO
  • 6 say MAYBE

I phrased my question with the word "could" instead of "would". I think I unconsciously anticipated the nay sayers out there. :-) Some interesting points have been brought up.

  • "Could they", yes, but, do they want to?
  • Is it just more "work in the kitchen".
  • Sanitation might be barrier to success.
  • Maybe "Good beer" is not a guarantee with homebrew. Why would people keep making beer that doesn't taste good? (or perhaps is bereft of taste)

I wonder how many people make their own anything at home. At our house we make things like cake and pancakes from scratch. That's not even counting eggs, pasta and pop tarts ;-) Whoah...for a minute there I think I was pretending that we make our own bread and canned goods too. Back to reality. All of a sudden I'm very proud of making my own beer!

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