Are you done with your beer chores?

It is widely accepted that brewing beer was once just another household chore like baking bread. A few internet searches returned the following. I read it on the internet so it must be true right?

"In the new world colonies of America, women continued to brew for their families and neighbors." -- Beer, Women and History, Yankee Brew News, Alan D. Eames, Summer, 1993

"It was considered a daily chore of the most important responsibility, and brewing poor beer was often punishable by drowning." -- The Origins of Beer, The History of Brewing Ales and Beers through the Ages, suite101.com, Jeremy Perkins, May, 2008

"Before the rise of production breweries the production of beer took place at home and was the domain of women, as baking and brewing were seen as 'women's work'". -- Brewery, Wikipedia

"Even in medieval times, beer was generally brewed by women. Being the cooks, they had responsibility for beer which was regarded as 'food-drink'." -- History of Beer, Fosters

"In those days, as most household tasks, beer production was the job of women. It was like this in our country as well. A good beer qualified the woman of the house as well as a good bread or meal." -- Beer-History, Dreher Breweries Ltd.

"In the Middle Ages brewing was seen as women’s work. They would brew beer as
naturally as baking bread. Some brewed more than they needed and sold the excess. These women were known as ‘alewives’ and were usually poor, often widows, trying to make ends meet, brewing when they had enough money to buy the ingredients." -- Beer & Real Ale: A Brief History

So, get to work on those chores. Just in case you need help. Here is an overview of the extract brewing process.

  • boil water
  • add malt extract
  • when boil starts again add hops
  • boil for 60 minutes
  • cool the liquid
  • transfer to bucket and add yeast
  • add air to liquid by shaking
  • wait for fermentation finish
  • bottle

See its easy. Just in case you need instructions, here are a ton of resources.


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