What is Good Beer? Listen to Charlie Papazian...

Note: Sorry about the bad links. All fixed now. Thanks Andy for the help.

Charlie Papazian is making some great points on his blog. If you've ever thought about how to explain Good Beer, you might want to check this out. Here are links to the posts in his "What is Good Beer?" series (so far).

While giving us his take on good beer he enlists our help as beer enthusiasts. Here is a quote from his most recent post.
It is quite clear to me that if beer enthusiasts reach out and “teach” others
about the variety of tastes beer can have, most light lager drinkers can extend
their beer drinking experiences to other types of beer. I know this.

He is absolutely right. I found myself doing this on the 4th of July more than once. I'm usually trying not to talk somebody's ear off about beer or homebrew, but, they just keep asking questions. They want to know more. I would venture to say that as homebrewers we have a distinct advantage. We aren't presenting some kind of fancy high falutin' expensive beer. We're sharing a homebrew!


Andy said...

None of those links worked for me. 404s on each one.

Adam said...

Thanks Andy. All better now :-)