Take time out and just "be present in the moment". I recall the words a wise and kind person once gave to me. I guess the idea of being present wasn't new to me. People who know me would quickly agree, I imagine. Yet, even I need to be reminded that things can move too fast. So fast that one might not understand what they mean. Of course all this is subjective. Sometimes getting things done is just what you have to do. Just remember sometimes momentum has you needlessly careening forward at break neck pace.

Right at that moment take pause and look around. What is happening? Are you surrounded by people? What is the scenery like? Are there animals? Can you see the Sun or the Moon? What about the stars?

Just take pause and be present. I'm here in our sun room after the sun went down with the windows open. Coldplay is playing, Firefly Lights homebrew in my cup, kids in bed trying to sleep and the dogs are waiting for my wife to come home. I have things to do. I shouldn't really be writing this self indulgent essay. I should be preparing for the 4th of July.

I can't pass up this time. I want to be in it. I want to be reminded of the times when I was small. When I wasn't careening toward nothing. When I was waiting for the fireworks to start or running through the dark playing ghost in the graveyard. More importantly I want to remember what happened tonight.


The Dude said...

"I want to be reminded of the times when I was small. When I wasn't careening toward nothing."

Somehow I know exactly what you mean there. At least I think I do.

Adam said...

Thanks. I think I needed that first comment from somebody out there. Out of context it seems a bit fatalistic doesn't it?

I think I'm trying to say that the journey is the destination.

Too deep for me this morning. Time to get some coffee :-)

Bryon said...

Good stuff, I have similar moments when ever I finally sit down on my deck and relax. I work hard for a house with a nice yard and deck to enjoy, but rarely take the time to do so, and reflect....

Have a Happy 4th!


Adam said...

Thanks Bryon! Happy 4th of July!