Making some Gnome Root Beer

Last night I made some root beer with my kids. They had a ball. It was so easy. Northern Brewer has this concentrate they sell for making root beer from Gnome Soda. I bought a four ounce pack and had the kids help. Here's how I made and kegged about 8 or 9 gallons (can't be sure).
  1. get two corny kegs ready
  2. get some one step ready
  3. Heat 1.5 gallon of water to 130 degrees
  4. add 5 lbs of table sugar to water
  5. empty 4 oz packet of Gnome root beer concentrate into pot
  6. split evenly between the two kegs
  7. top off keg with tap water to 4 or 4.5 gallons each (to taste really)
  8. we could use less sugar next time (need to experiment)
  9. pressurize keg to 35 psi constantly in fridge (or shoot, shake, shoot, shake)
Took about thirty minutes to an hour. It would be faster without the kids and the explanations. Next time I hope to forgo the concentrate and find a good recipe like the one Ted posted. One step at a time ;-) Then after that maybe I could get the recipe my grandfather used. Somebody stop me!

I think I'm set for the 4th of July weekend. Just a bit of cold conditioning and carbonation left.



Rob said...

I've always wanted to make up a scratch root beer, but every time I get the gear cleaned up and assembled, the temptation to make some sweet, sweet booze is just irresistible. When I finally do get around to it, though, this is the recipe I want to use...

Adam said...

Wormwood eh? Thanks for the link to the recipe. I'll have to consider it when its time to brew.