Homebrew as a frugal tip @ The Simple Dollar :-)

We've heard people remark about how homebrewing can be cheaper than buying craft beer or wine. Trent posts it as #4 on his list of frugal tactics he learned so far this summer. A man after my own heart :-)


Beerme said...

After a great deal on a bag of Pilsner malt a few months ago ($38 for 55#), I made two beers from the bag and used some leftover specialty grains. I pitched the second on top of the first's yeast cake and made an award winning Dark American Lager. I figure it cost me about $15 for ten gallons! That's frugal.

BTW, I am planning on joining the group for Fermentation Fridays. Great idea!

Adam said...

Heheh...I saw the "3 comments" and thought. "Cool!" Then I saw it was just you ;-) Just kidding of course. I'll delete the dup for you.

Look forward to reading your contributions to Fermentation Friday!

Thanks for sharing your frugal experience BTW. I buy liquid extract in bulk and reuse yeast to help defray the costs.