The beer is kegged and the music is ready...

Tomorrow is the community party where I get to share my homebrew. I kegged the second keg last night with the help of my brother in law and its cold conditioning in the fridge right now. How did it turn out? Well I'm happy to say this Kolsch is something I'm pretty proud of so far. Definately the lightest tasting and looking beer I've ever made. Seems pretty clean not too dry. I drank it next to a Victory Hop Devil so I don't have accurate tasting notes yet. The real test will be tomorrow. Will a bunch of people drink this beer or Yuengling Lager? Should be interesting.

My wife and I are also providing the music selection (via iPod not actually playing). I hope they like that too. Otherwise I'm never going to live it down ;-)


Anonymous said...

It took me a while to catch up with the rest of society, I finally got an iPod for my birthday last march. I never go anywhere without my itouch. Yes it holds all my music, but its also my calendar and primary email device. Love this thing. Ok a beer note, I currently have a kolsch conditioning in the bottle and will probably be ready to drink in a couple weeks. Either way, as long as there are good tunes and homebrew, you can't go wrong. Slainte!

Adam said...

That's what I'm thinking. Good luck with the Kolsch.