What type of beer is this?

I was preparing to post impressions of the most recent brew when I suddenly couldn't come up with an accurate beer type/category. This is what I get for just picking from the ingredients I have lying around. It tastes like a Belgian, but, it isn't necessarily something I can fit into a certain style category. I have some guesses, but, what category would you put it in?

What style of beer is this? Maybe the BJCP style index will help.

BTW the name will be Firefly Lights in honor of my most recent night vision. Oh..I almost forgot. I do like the way it tastes. I had a bit too much for the secondaries (kegs) so I carbonated some in sa 2 liter bottle with The Carbonator. Very nice indeed. And to think I didn't even know what style I was brewing. This is further proof that Belgian yeast is magical ;-)


Note: Recipe exported from Beer Smith.


Rob said...

Imperial table beer? Or maybe a one-and-three-quarters? (Or however that'd be translated into Dutch, naturally.) Belgian mild!

Adam said...

Belgian mild. I like that mix of style names. So I assume that is in the specialty section of the BJCP ;-)

Table Beers are less than 1.5%?
Session Beers are less than 5%
Milds from 3% to 5%
I read that Saisons can be low abv. too.

I guess it doesn't matter in the end. I imagine others have the same problem I do.

Belgian Mild sounds good :-)

Jason said...

Yeah, I would go with a mild ale.


Andy said...

I'm with Rob - a 1.5-1.75.

Adam said...

I think it fits. All except for the Belgian Yeast and the Special B malts.

Again I'm not too worried about it, but, I do like talk about the beer I make with people. When you can't easily classify it you have to say stuff like.

"I brewed a low abv, ale, using Belgian yeast and malt with English and American hops. I guess you could call it a Small Belgian Bastard or something not so incendiary." ;-)

The taste if very much like a Belgian due to the character the yeast imparts. It reminds me of the St. Bernardus 60th Anniversary Quad in that its a bit peppery. Probably from the Cluster hops.

Perhaps a Belgian Dark is generic enough. I found a bunch of those on BA.

Adam said...

Last comment was in response to Jason.

Rob & Andy,

1.5 - 1.75...hmmm I don't understand. Is that referring to the amount of malt? Single, double, triple?

Anonymous said...

Belgian mild. I like it.

Rob said...

Oh, the "one-and-three-quarters" comment was in reference to it being somewhere between a singel and a dubbel. "Een-en-driekwart" would have been more apropos, I guess.I

Adam said...

:-) How do I respond to something I just barely understand?

How about...


Rob said...

Certainly, my comments will make more sense after you've enjoyed a few of these... Either that, or I may need to have my "lame beer-related humor" card revoked.