A Kölsch Köbe's worst nightmare...

As you know I'm trying to stock pile beer to share at various picnics. I think I'm almost caught up. One more batch and then I'll be burned out ;-)

Last night I brewed a beer that I'd like to call A Köbe's Kölsch Nightmare. Only because I'm sure nobody from Cologne would think it was a Kölsch. Hey I'm using Kölsch yeast and a Pilsner liquid malt extract with Hallertau hops. I'm also trying to keep the fermentation temp between 60 and 65 °F.

So why is it not really a Kolsch? Well I didn't use soft water, the LME will be a bit too dark, I also added some caramel malt which doesn't fit the flavor or color profile and Cascade hops were used for bittering. Egads! Who cares. We'll see if people like it.


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Anonymous said...

I've never subscribed to hard to beer guidelines. If it tastes good it is good!
It must be Kolsch season, I brewed one Sunday too.