H.G. Wheat Deux is fermenting...

After putting the first batch of H.G. Wheat through the primary fermentation I tasted it. It tasted good! Whew...I was a bit nervous. Sure its a bit sweet due to the yet to be fermented sugars, however, it seems like the 2.5 oz of home grown Cascade was good enough for bittering and flavoring. I racked it into a cornie keg fitted with an airlock for secondary fermentation. What does all this mean? Since the recipe for the first one worked out, its time to brew the second batch. This time I did substitute some DME for most of the LME. Should make it a bit drier. Also, I had just enough homegrown hops for the recipe. Ahhh...I love it when a plan comes together.

Next on the list. Dunno. Maybe I'll make another version of this with Cascade pellet hops instead of the home grown whole leaf Cascade. That would also enable me to get another generation out of this Kolsch yeast instead of buying more.

Can't wait until the family tastes this beer at the 4th of July reunion/picnic :-)


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