Cleaning soda kegs...

Most of my kegs lined up and ready to be cleaned.

Cleaned with beer brite first (its what I have on hand)
Then iodophor
Then stored with 40 lbs of CO2 pressure
Ready to go when I need them

I've been pushing the cleaning liquids through them with CO2, but, I don't like the idea of wasting all that CO2. Hmmm...I guess I could just run some in the keg to get the inbound dip tube clean, then stop and pour in the hatch, then run some out to get the outbound dip tube. It would probably be faster than running the full 5 gallons of liquid through twice with CO2.

I imagine it isn't a huge deal anyway. I mean I can't imagine filling all these things up. That's why I was hoping to use them as primary or secondary fermenters.


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