The round up of all the stories for Hombrew Blogging Day

There are some outstanding stories with pictures, video, timelines, scanned recipes and candid comments. Thank you everybody for participating. If you still have a story, there is still time to post.

John @ Brew Dudes encapsulates a "typical", in my opinion, early homebrewing experience. Notice he got some advice :-)

Travis @ CNYBrew shows up fasionably late and tells his story. He gives us the keys to happiness and how to know when you have them ;-)

Bryon @ Home Brew Beer in true pro-blogger style links to his posts and video that chronicle his homebrew beginnings as a relatively new homebrewer.

The Dude from Akelas Biggins takes us from A to Z during his life with beer and homebrew. Again there is a certain someone as the catalyst.

Keith @ Brainard Brewing: Uninitiated homebrewers will find encouragement as Keith describes his ascent to homebrewer status.

Ry @ Eat Your Beer used this opportunity to launch his blog. Give him some web site visits :-) Husband and wife brewing from a start at Home Sweet Homebrew in Philly and continuing with Modern Brewer in Boston.

Ted @ Ted's Homebrew Journal takes this time to reflect. Looking back he's surprised that he kept with it after his first few failed attempts. Don't miss the link at the bottom of the post for the rest of the story.

Jon @ The Brew Site recalls his first cautious taste of home brewed beer, Toad Spit Stout, a Charlie Papazian recipe, brewed by a friend. Well caution turned to inspiration and the rest is history.

Chipper Dave @ Fermentedly Challenged took a break from brewing, but, is getting back in the game. This is the story of how he got hooked.

Meeting the patron saint of beer while brewing in college? ;-) Rooftop Brew recalls some good memories.

Rob at Pfiff! spins a wonderful tale and scans an old recipe for us. Hey Rob thanks for linking to the term blog carnival.

Matt at Sports Beer Wine Life Maybe not in that Order false starts with a Mr. Beer but after Germany and a gift he recovers swiftly.

Eric @ Bearded Brewing thinks about how far he's come. He's brewing in a more sustainable way with organic grains these days :-)

Dr. Joel from The Grain Bill kicks his post off like this, "...two obsessive worlds will now collide on a monthly basis as bloggers who homebrew (or vice versa, depending what the mirror looks like to you)..." Wow, I need him to write my blog :-) Dr. Joel tells a story of two friends embarking on a homebrewing adventure.

Justin at Muckney Brewing said it all, "After tasting the Missionary Position out of the fermenter the other day, I know we are doing a good job." LOL

Dave also at Muckney Brewing says, "Muckney Brewing started just over a year ago in my kitchen, but the idea had festered in my skull for about 5 years prior..." That in combination with a meddling wife ;-) and news of the Indiana Homebrew was too much for him. He caved.

Cosmic over at Fire and Beer Rock tells us of his youth in Ireland.

"So beer it was. Homebrewed beer. Me and my mate Steve were lucky in that his mother who was from Finland had left equipment and yeast in Steve's place."

Brew Dad shares his tasting notes with us from his first batch using gear his wife bought for him. How many of you remember the taste of your first homebrew? :-)

Over at The Panhandle Beer Snob and Redneck Brewery blog Bunz recalls how a friend introduced him to the hobby. That first invite to a homebrewing session can be so effective.

My story here @ Beer Bits 2

Keep 'em comin'! For more info on how you can participate read the following post...
May Homebrew Blogging Day: I remember when I started homebrewing.



Dave said...

Got a late start in writing up my entry for today. Hope it's not too late. Entry is over at Fermentedly Challenged . com.


Adam said...

Not at all. I'll keep adding them throughout the day and into the weekend :-)


Bryon said...

Late in the evening but still on time...


Adam said...

I'm waving the checkered flags. Thanks. Love the videos by the way. ROTFL


Ted Danyluk said...

Thanks a lot Adam, for putting this together. Its a great idea. It takes time to organize all of this and write all the shorts here.

I had a good time writing my story. I'm impressed to see the turnout as well. I look forward to reading the rest.

Adam said...

Thank you Ted. It is my pleasure.

Not sure I'd want to host two months in a row though ;-) Good thing I have so many volunteer hosts!