Making a starter for Belgian Ale...

target OG 1.040

get growler, stopper & airlock
sanitze them

1 quart water
4 or 5 hop pellets (probably optional, I use for antiseptic effect)
4 oz of dry malt extract (need see what that is in cups)

boil 15 minutes
cool in sink
pour into growler
pitch wlp575
aerate by shaking vigorously (be careful wet glass can be slippery)
add airlock
put towel around it

pitch after fermentation starts at some point


Dave said...

Do you really need hop pellets in a yeast starter? Seeing how the starter is only active for a up to a day before pitching. Also, is 15 minutes long enough of a boil? Probably need to add a step to aerate your starter when you pitch your yeast to help ensure there's enough oxygen in the starter.

Adam said...

Hey there Chipper Dave,

Do I really need the hops pellets? Good question. I'm adding them 'cause I've always done that. I guess I could say they add an antiseptic quality to the mini wort.

Aeration? Oops forgot to record that step. I did shake it very well in the growler.

Thanks :-) BTW it seems to be fermenting very nicely. I'll be brewing later today.