Homebrew T-Shirts...an idea...

Homebrew bloggers around the world! I'd like to design a Homebrewer T-Shirt (or ten) that we'd all be proud to wear. Remember I'm the guy who thinks everybody in the world should make their own homebrew. Why not? Lets spread the word with some cool T-Shirts.

The first idea that came to my head. Something having to do with the first homebrew blogging day. Maybe we could summarize each person's first brewing experience in a few words and put them on a shirt. Something like.
  • Dad taught me to homebrew.
  • My wife bought me my first kit.
  • Uncle Joe taught me the secrets of making beer.
  • College taught me how to brew beer.
  • ...

What do you think? Cafepress is free and you could setup your own store with your own T-Shirts. Hell, I'd probably buy T-Shirts from each blogger out there! (As long as my wife said it was ok ;-) Heheh...anyway, what do you think? I'm designing one no matter what. To get an idea check out my fledgling Cafepress store.



Ted Danyluk said...

Its a good idea. I'd probably want to wear a bad ass looking homebrew shirt. If I can't get my brother to design one, then I simply can't. Yes, I'm becoming an artist in creating tasty brews, but when it comes to graphic design, it's so far from art that it looks completely stupid.

Adam said...

Heheh...yeah, I'm not so sure I can fulfill the artistic side of things. I'm gonna try something anyway :-) If I suck I can always ask a friend for some help!

The Bearded Brewer said...

I like dabbling in that arena even though I don't think of myself as a graphic artist. I have worked with cafe press and zazzle. I can try coming up with something if you have some ideas in mind.

Adam said...

Bearded Brewer,

Sounds good. Nothing in mind right now, but, I'll remember that!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys... Last year I launched HomebrewTees.com to fill a void in the world of homebrewing... stylish apparel for homebrewers. HomebrewTShirts.com provides witty, humorous, and creative t-shirt designs for homebrewers.

:: stylish threads for homebrewers ::

Adam said...

I'll have to check it out. Thanks. Great idea BTW ;-)