Go Penguins! I'm buzzed...

Just watched the Penguins beat the Flyers. Pretty cool. I'm a fair weather hockey fan, but, it still feels good to see some good ol' Western PA butt kickin'. Did you see TBL and CBR are having some playoff fun?

Had an East End Three tonight. I gotta tell you it wasn't really something I like. Kinda stinky nose with some good gumball in the middle and a big sweet tang at the end. I wish I could be more technical about it, but, hey that's all I can muster. Penguins kicked butt, East End didn't...c'est la vie.

Anyway, when I have a few to drink I tend to let down my guard and reveal things. Sound familiar? Often we don't talk about the effects of alcohol. Well here goes...

I'm 6 feet tall with blond...heheh! Just kidding. This is about my "stats" ;-)

According to sitemeter I have 50 visits per day on average (whooooooo + sarcasm). Google Ad$en$ is about 10 c3nt$ a day. I'm rich! NOT! Doesn't matter. I'm happy with the way things are going. This site gives me an outlet and I hope it provides a service. I'm happy with the following I have now and I know it will continue to grow incrementally. Also, I have the beginnings of a cafepress store now too. Look over there on the right. Make sure you give feedback. It's very helpful when it comes down to creating things you, my readers, would like to see, read and buy. (the buy part seems awkward)

Oh yeah, slight rant. Ron's Original really needs to get a handle on there $8.50 and $9+ beers. Come on! Get a smaller glass and don't expect a huge margin. I ordered a Stone Russian Imperial Stout and was charged $8.50 for a glass (12 oz I think). Of course there were no prices on the beer list and I was pretty much gonna pay it, but, holy crap! It is delicious, but, not again. I won't do it. I will always ask ahead of time and find a cheaper beer. I did mention it to the manager. Hopefully they will get the message. Also, the service was awesome! Much better than many other places I've been to recently.

Rant over...time for bed.


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