Friday is the day!

I'm sitting here while its beautiful outside, so this will be short. Tomorrow is the first Home Brew Blogging Day. Get your stories in. If you don't have a blog just make one at Blogger :-) It is reallllly easy.

Just got back from The Sly Fox in Phoenixville PA where I enjoyed a lovely dinner outside while tipping back a couple pints. Jasper the Maibock (named after the beer that won the goat race) was delicious. I would definitely put it up there with my favorite maibocks. Then there was the Helles bock, mmmm....delicious. Oh yeah, bought a couple Brew Crew T-shirts too. My kids wore them home :-)

Do I punctuate all my paragraphs with a smiley?

I guess not. Get your stories in! I'm going outside to have a catch with the kids. Does it get any better than this?


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