Drink up fellas the rain will do you good.

Oops! I mean ladies. We don't use the fellas for the brewing. Yeah its raining here. I'm talking to my hop plants (well not really talking to them). I'm sure this will do them some good. (the rain, not the talking) It might help me too. Nothin' like some rainy days to get you brewing in your kitchen again and there are rainy days for the foreseeable future.

So I missed The Big Brew and I've been drinking the Chinookadillo. I think its time to brew a Belgian beer again before I run out. Hmmm...what to brew? Bryan has a Saison brewing and he might be starting on a second. Gotta go look at my ingredients again and see what I have. Then I can go plug it into Beersmith and see what it looks like. Kinda backwards huh? There's a rhyme to my reason though. I don't brew as often if I have to formulate and then go buy. So I just buy a bunch of stuff and store it until I need it. The other side is all about creativity. How can I take the ingredients I have and make them into something that tastes good?


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