Backyard Hops Progress Pictures

From the webcam on my EeePC.

Cascade between Bryan's house and ours. Almost 5 feet tall :-)

Chinook and something else. Yes they are in need of a trellis. Going to work on that now.

Willamette or Hallertau also in need of a trellis. Not too bad for being in a shady spot though.


Bryan Kolesar said...

How's the trellis coming along? The guys over at Basic Brewing Radio have their latest video podcast up. It goes into some of the detail behind the trellis they built in their backyard. Here's a link directly to the MP4 video file or a link to their video archives.

A couple of episodes ago, they showed a more elaborate trellis setup. another link directly to the show

Adam said...

I've got lots of excuses, but, no progress ;-) Maybe tomorrow? Thanks for the links. I'll have to check them out.