Transplanting Hops

Two years ago I purchased eight rhizomes. Two Cascade were planted by a gate to Bryan's backyard. These went crazy with a small harvest the first year and a huge increase last year. The other six including Willamette, Chinook and Hallertau were planted on a trellis. Unfortunately they didn't fair so well. After the first year I thought that perhaps they just needed time to develop better roots. I also thought about Cascade being better suited for the climate in this area of the world. Well the second year didn't prove to be any better for these. I'm pretty sure the sun was a factor. They didn't get more than a few hours of direct sunlight in the morning and they should get much more than that from what I hear.

My next move was to transplant them which I did tonight. Nothing better than working on a beer project in the fresh spring air :-) Lets hope they do well. I'm curious to see how much this sets them back.

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Will said...
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Jason said...

I just planted some hops as well and was hoping to transplant them to the ground once the weather gets warmer. They're in planters now. Hopefully I can do it soon. I'm not sure they'll grow well in planters. We'll see. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours do.

Adam said...

Just make sure they get lots of sun. 6 to 8 hours a day of direct sunlight is what I've read.

The ones I transplanted have very healty root systems so they should do just fine. I'll bet they do better than they would have if I left them where they were :-)

Good luck!