TAP NY recap...

This is definitely a popular event. Tons of people showed up. Not quite sure how many at this point, but, it did get a bit crowded.

I took a few pictures and a small video toward the end. I was having such a good time hanging out in the sun that I forgot to listen for the 2008 winners. Good thing the organizers didn't forget. Here is what is posted on the TAP NY website.

More beer please :-)


Alan said...

Glad you are having a great time. That video is classic.

Adam said...

Yeah...and there was more of the same today. A bit more low key, but, random cheers all the same :-) I think I some more stuff to post tonight or tomorrow.

Bryan Kolesar said...

do you think it was worth the cost of admission or does the crowding make it feel like it's part of a sad trend of festivals packing 'em in beyond reasonable resources to take advantage of the current craft beer trend?

Adam said...

Ok...I'll take the bait.

Keep in mind I was fortunate to get the ticket gratis via a contest at A Good Beer Blog. Hotel and gas I paid for myself.

My personal preference is to avoid crowds. That was impossible to do on Saturday. Sunday, it was possible. We often grabbed a table, enjoyed some beer and food and took it all in.

Above and beyond good beer, TAP NY has two things going for it, food and the option for outdoor activities not associated with the festival. The "free with admission" food is delicious (sausage, warm pretzels, chicken, cheese, sandwiches, chili, etc.) and plentiful. The outdoor activities and scenes in and around Hunter NY can be enough to justify a trip in and of themselves even in the off season (which this is). If you're into those kinds of things :-)

Is there a trend to intentionally pack too many people in at festivals? I don't know. At TAP NY there was more than enough beer and food from what I could tell. Even if you were very very hungry. Not like one year at Ommegang where even the pay as you go food didn't last. At TAP NY some places did run out of beer and packed up a little early each day. It didn't seem like they were beyond reasonable resources.

What other events would you point to as examples?

Is it packing 'em in or is it learning to deal with the popularity of craft beer and just not being able to adjust fast enough? How quickly did the Ommegang VIP tickets sell out?

Whoa! Seems like you hit a hot button :-) I'll stop for now.

Bryan Kolesar said...

No intentional bait there, sorry :)

Just wondering your opinion of how the festival was run and your take of the quality.

And whether you'd recommend the festival based on the value of the food, beer, crowds, atmosphere, and any extras compared to the admission price. ($60-ish, right?)

Adam said...

Well...leaving the "sad trend" part out makes it a little less incendiary ;-)

It was well run and the quality was as high as any I've seen maybe higher.

Would I recommend it, yes.

good beer + ample food + beautiful scenery = great experience

The kicker would be the travel and lodging expenses. Of course that's depends on ones individual circumstances. I would have to make a weekend of it. It couldn't be the only attraction.