Pictures of Spring Hops Growing Progress :-)

< One lone sprout that didn't make the transition during transplant. Guess we'll see how it fairs.

Some sprouts from the newly transplanted plants. >

< Transplanted Chinoook. Bigger than ever!

Untransplanted Cascade. >

< Early spring pic. Good to compare to late summer :-)


Ted Danyluk said...

Looks good. I'm a bit envious.

I ordered some rhizomes, but decided it wasn't possible for me to grow them at my current Chicago condo grounds (sunlight, soil, and neighbors). So a friend of mine who grows an impressive garden at his parents place in the burbs took them. He divided them, and planted them in different sloped areas, amounts of sunlight and the like. He guarantees a healthy crop this year. I believe him.

Right now he takes all my spent grains to feed his thousands and thousands of worms. If you need worms, just met me know. He'd love to sell you some (for bait or composting) Gee, I gotta write about that.

Adam said...

Good to have friends like him :-)

Hmmmm...fried worms...beer...fried worm beer? Nah! (sorry about that)

Jason said...

Very nice. I am growing some myself for the first time. The cascade has popped out of the soil (only one shoot so far) but the Centennial has yet to sprout. I knew that hops grow quickly, but when i saw my own cascade plant grow a half an inch in one day....I was amazed. Can't wait until this summer, when they grow even faster.


Adam said...

Jason, rock on!