Mentioned in this week's Joe Sixpack :-)

Bryan at The Brew Lounge called me earlier this week to say that Don Russell, aka Joe Sixpack, wanted to use a picture from our 2007 hop harvest posts (TBL, BB2). Well today Joe Sixpack: Homebrewers take 'DIY' to another level hit the press. Pretty cool. Bryan and I are mentioned as local homebrewers growing our own hops. Hey, I'm not exactly dressed up for the occasion, but, what a great picture of my son and I! Thanks for taking it Bryan. Ok, enough about the picture already!

Don did a great job of explaining hops, rhizomes, the hop shortage and how people are reacting to it by growing their own. How cool is it that? He even used the word bines! We really are lucky to have somebody like Don writing a Joe Sixpack column here in Philly. No, I'm not just saying that 'cause my pictures in the paper :- (maybe a little bit)



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Thanks. I think qualifies as my 15 SECONDS of fame. Heheh :-)

My son got a real kick out of it.