Home Brew News is gone...

Bye Home Brew News! Yeah, it was fun, but, ultimately not useful enough. I even got shut down by Blogger SPAMbots for no good reason in the beginning. I'll probably give it another shot using different tools, but, until then http://brewpoll.com/ seems like it has some promise. Check it out.

I do have another idea in the works. Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

Hate to see the news page gone, but we hope to see more of your posts on BrewPoll - I noticed a few of your articles made the front page!

Adam said...

:-) Yeah, the yahoo pipes thing just wasn't keeping things up to date. We may see it again in a different incarnation. In the mean time I turned it into Visual Homebrew. Still trying to figure out what that is ;-)

I think you have something pretty cool in BrewPoll. Keep up the good work.