A Good Beer Blog: What I like most about your site :-)

A Good Beer Blog is one of those sites that has it all goin' on. Great writing, author interaction, active reader community including professional and not so professional beer geek/nerd/critic/fan/dog commentary, good search engine ranking (I'm jealous), beer poetry contests, beer photo contests, oh hell, take me at my word and have a read. Know this, I probably read Alan's blog more than I drink beer. Wrap your head around that one.

Maybe we should be calling his site A Damn Good Beer Blog. Here is the list of post categories from his sidebar to get you started. Just click to read.
(BTW I'm not saying all these nice things 'cause I want to win the poetry contest either. Alan you have my email ;-) jk...of course..really)


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Alan said...

I blush - ow nice of you. And, I would note, the announcement has been made and it's prizes for everyone. That is the upside of six entrants.