Beer Bits 2: Some site statistics...

As of my 250th post...
  • first post July 31, 2007 (8 months ago)
  • Beer Bits 2 today, 50 visits a day on average
  • search/organic referrals split 50/50 (Google/individual sites)
  • top search keyword; variations of "growing hops" and "kegerators"
  • more RSS users than email users
  • 76 RSS subscribers on average over the last month
  • Google page rank of 4
  • traffic growing at a rate of 200 visits a month
  • explored a bunch of new projects (Beer Crier, Homebrew Clouds, etc.)
  • Adsense is not making me rich...suprise suprise (not my goal anyway)
  • I spend too much time with stats :-)

Beer Bits 2 seems healthy.



Bryan Kolesar said...

This could help your page rank....or at least get a higher search result for 'Adam Beck'....nice picture of you and Kevin :)


Adam said...

Yeah...too bad I didn't get a link.