Special Chinookadillo #0 update...

Its in the basement fermenting. Yeah, didn't look at it yesterday, but, the day before it was overflowing a bit so I attached a blow off tube. Hopefully it isn't too cool down there. Gotta keep that yeast goin' :-) This is where my proccupation with other things helps me get through the fermentation process. I just kinda forget about it for a while. Just think billions of little yeast cells are eatin' up all that maltose right now to make alcohol and CO2. How beautiful is that?

Also, I'm takin' some non-beer geeks to The Whip Tavern for a British beer dinner tonight. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll send up to the minute updates vias cell phone txt msgs to my sidebar and over at Beer Crier. Well, I'll probably send at least four updates. Its hard to txt and eat at the same time ;-)



Brian said...

British Beer Dinner??? Now your speaking my language!

Please toss a post up about your experiences :)


Travis said...

Gotta love breaking people into good brew. Cheers to that!

Anonymous said...

Adam we both enjoy two things my friend. Beer and NIN. I love the new stuff. Trent is a god. Especially while I was growing up.

Adam said...

Heheh...I've been away too long. Forgot my wireless card for the hotel :-(

Brian, I'll get something up. It was definitely a success.

Travis, I think they had more fun than me :-)

Dave, yeah with the kids and all I had to cut down on when I listen to NIN, but, this really blew me away. Good balance between quality stuff and claiming his independence from the record labels. Hey...we should approach Trent with a deal to promote homebrew...heheh.

Adam said...

By the way. No signal at The Whip Tavern inside. Slight signal outside, but, I wasn't about to leave every 5 minutes to txt. Some things are better experienced without technology ;-)