Short Post ;-) A call out to all you home brew bloggers.

This is for all those bloggers on my Favorite Homebrew Sites list. I'm working on a way to aggregate all the home brew blogs into one page. This would make my surfing faster and give me a view of the Home Brew Blogosphere. Again this would be just Home Brew blogs. I was just going to do it for me, but, I thought y'all might be interested too. It would be similar to RSBS over at Beerinator, but, not that purty at first :-)

The thing is. I don't want to republish your content without you permission. If I get enough of you opting in I could have a BETA up in a day or so. Of course you could always change your mind later and ask to have your content removed.

Let me know if you're in. If you have questions, let 'em fly!



Brian said...

I'm down..but I'm also working in entries on food and travel...so maybe not ideal for what your going after here.

on a related note however please update your link to my blog, the new addy is: www.dailyikura.com


Adam said...

I hear ya. I'll put you in for now. All those home brew posts gotta count for something :-)

I'll change the link on my sidebar. Can't wait read the new content!

Anonymous said...

Adam, I actually discovered your request via my Cullect.com Homebrew reading list - http://cullect.com/146 . Cullect.com is a site I built just for easily aggregating, filtering, and sharing feeds on any topic. Check it out and shoot me any comments or questions.

Adam said...

Interesting...seems like few of us are out here doin' this kinda stuff. I'll check it out.