Philly Beer Week &The London Grille & Eastern State Penitentiary

Here are some pictures of the day :-) Wonderful beer from Stoudt's Brewery including the Michael Jackson tribute beer Big Brother Pils before the tour...wow perfect start. Back at The London Grille Willie Sutton was waiting for us followed by Smooth Hoperator and Stoudt's Fat Dog. Food was delicious!


Anonymous said...


Awesome pictures. I remember you talking about a solution you used to clean out all your equipment and bottles. Can you point me in the right direction for the stuff?


Adam said...

I use Beer Brite and/or One Step. One Step is cool 'cause you don't have to rinse afterwards. Use with hot water. This is usually what I'm using when I brew.

Idorophor is good too. You don't have to rinse it either. Use with cold water. I use this mostly when I keg, because I can let it sit in a keg for a long time without harming the stainless steel.

Adam said...

Check out Northern Brewer if you want an online source for it. Any homebrew shop should steer you towards One Step really.