Consider growing your own hops this year!

Yeah, do it! Its easy. This is a great time of year to consider it. What does it take? I'm glad you asked. Here is an overview.
  1. find a place with lotsa sun, sandy soil and room to grow vertical
  2. order rhizomes or get some from a friend
  3. plant when ground is no longer frozen (spring)
  4. make sure they have enough water
  5. wait for the bines (yes bines) to come up
  6. train them on something to get them off the ground
  7. wait, watch, wonder
  8. pick when they are ready harvest (usually not much first year, typically late summer or early fall)
  9. cut back for next year
  10. brew some beer with them :-)
Come on its easy. Check out the Hops Growing Resources I have collected.



Anonymous said...

"bines"? What the heck are bines? ;)

Adam said...

No its not a typo ;-) Here's a link to the definition for bines.

Actually I use terms like these to make me feel important. Its working too ;-)