Caramel, Chinook, light malt, Special B and Amarillo all went in the kettle.

A friend and I grabbed a growler of Victory St. Victorious from the brewery stor and headed back to my house. Never made this beer before. I'm still brewing by the seat of my pants. I had some ingredients. I needed to come up with a recipe. If my BeerSmith notes are correct, this is what I put in there...
  • Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast
  • 6 lbs light dry malt extract
  • 6.6 light liquid malt extract
  • 1 oz. chinook hops pellets (bittering)
  • 3 oz. amarillo hops pellets (flavor, aroma)
  • .5 lb caramel malt 10 l. (steeping)
  • .5 lb caramel malt 120 l. (steeping)
  • .25 Special B malt (steeping, took a chance with a typically Belgian beer malt {cringe})
The hop schedule for the Amarillo started at 30 min and was weighted more towards the end.
  • 65 minute boil
  • chilled with immersion chiller & tap water
  • 5 gal. boil
  • added enough tap water to 6.5 gallon carboy to pretty much fill it
  • no yeast starter, the activator smack pack was very distended and ready to go in 4 hours
  • Original Gravity 1.082
  • Carboy airlock started bubbling after eight hours lag time due to the wort being a bit too cold when I pitched the yeast. Then I put it in my basement where its around 65. Not exactly text book, but, should be fine.
This batch will probably be for a friend. He's getting a tap system and asked if I would brew him a batch. I should have about a gallon left after filling his corny keg :-)

Plans for the next brew. I'll probably look to harvest this yeast and make a ten gallon batch to split into two. I like the back to back brewing, because the yeast cells are so plentiful and fermentation starts right away. So maybe the next one will be something chocolaty for my wife?

So what do I call it? Special Chinookadillo #0? Eh...what's in a name?



The Bearded Brewer said...

That sounds good. Nice hoppy beer. Love the Nails too by the way.

Adam said...

:-) I hope it turns out. I haven't made a hoppy beer like this in a very long time. That's complicated by the fact that I just kinda wing it these days when it comes to recipe making.

Yeah, Trent did a good thing this time. Released without a record company. The music isn't chart topping stuff, but, that's doesn't matter to me.

Ted Danyluk said...

looks like it'll have some hoppy goodness on the flavor & aroma side of things. At OG 1.082, it also looks like it will end up quite sweet. Did you put enough bittering hops to balance it out?

Adam said...

Well, I'm hoping I did. I think its around 80 or 90 ibus. Hopefully not too bitter.