Brewin' an All Grain Strong Golden Ale with Dell :-)

I wound my way up to Dell's house. What a wonderful Sunday morning for a drive. Coffee in the cup holder. iPod jacked into the Speed 3. Cell phone with me for updating Beer Crier. By the time I arrived Dell was well on his way and a fellow homebrewer was breaking his equipment out too. Burners were out, brew kettles in position, grain was milled, water was almost to temp. So this is what Dell's home brew setup looked like.

Today he brewed a ten gallon batch of Belgian Strong Golden Ale. Dough in was upon us with a mixture of malted barley, rice hulls and wheat. Dell worked the mash paddle like he had done this a few times before ;-).

After an hour or so a fourth homebrewer showed up. A long time extract brewer he's looking for tips on going all grain. Sounds familiar. We chatted about using coolers during the mash and setting up a three tier system and much much more...

I hung around long enough to see the mashing process including dough in, the mash and sparging of the grain. Here is a video of his sparging setup.

I left before the boil for another commitment. Thanks Dell for letting me witness my first in person all grain brew! Oh wait, before I left Dell showed me his pellicle. Actually more than one ;-)



Jason Nota said...

One of these day I will start brewing my own beer. Its just convincing the wife to spend the $ on start up cost.

Adam said...

:-) The best way to get started is to just brew with somebody else. See if you can use their equipment the first time. Then you'll know if you really want to do it again. Of course, I didn't really do it that way. I had somebody show me how to brew using my new basic extract equipment.