Best Thing About Your Site: Exton Beverage Center - Exton, PA

This is a bit of a local non-homebrew beer play here. Although I have purchased kegerator stuff from there ;-) Anyway, I just stopped over at Exton Beverage Center in Exton, PA. Greg, the owner, was there and we chatted for a bit. He mentioned that he gets hits from this site to his every now and then. I'm happy to help out anyway I can. Gotta support the local guys that deserve it :-)

What do I like best about this site?
It isn't about the site at all really. Exton Beverage Center is a solid Pennsylvania beer distributor (its a PA thing) that handles some of the finest beer you can get your hands on in the state of Pennsylvania. Their sixtel selection has to be one of their crown jewels though. Check it out! They are open in the afternoon on Sundays too (again a PA novelty thing).


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Philly Brewer said...

Hey man -- came across your blog and found it rather interesting. It's cool that you live near Philadelphia. You and I should talk! There is a homebrew shop down here that you may like. I don't know how interested you'd be in coming down this way, but if nothing else maybe we can share ideas, techniques, recipes, etc?


Hope to hear from you!