The Beer Smith Blog is well...pretty cool...

Brad Smith dropped me an email about how much he liked my Hop Growing Resources page. Which made me really proud :-) Brad Smith is of BeerSmith fame. I've written about BeerSmith before over at TBL (I thought I wrote more about it here...besides this comment and this) I use it to keep track of my batches and to make recipes. As with most software tools like spreadsheets and word processors I just don't get to exploit the features as much as I should. I'll have to remedy that.

So I checked out the blog over at BeerSmith and well it doesn't suck. Actually its quite good for being so new. For example the article Top 10 Tips for Home Brewing. I added the blog to the list of sites I'm checking out. Keep up the good work Brad!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comments about our new BeerSmith home brewing blog! I posted a link back to you on my site as well. Keep up the great work.

Adam said...