Philly Beer Week, Jack Curtin and The Whip

Sounds intriguing doesn't it :-) My question is, "What is Jack gonna do with The Whip?" Well good ol' Jack is all prepared (well I don't know that fer sure) to host a British Beer Dinner on Tuesday, March 11th at The Whip.
  • 7 courses (fish, salad, fish, poultry, beef, dessert, cheese)
  • 11 beers (3 oz each)
  • Jack Curtin
  • $65 tax & tip included

I just made my reservations over the telephone. See you there!

I get the feeling that this is the time everybody should starting to turn their focus to Philly Beer Week if they haven't already. Surely the events that aren't sold will be filling up. It is time for reservations and iteneraty planning. Here are some links for you to follow and read up on this event.

The Event Calendar at The Whip's website
http://www.thewhiptavern.com/twt_calendar.html (PDF of the menu available)

Jack's posts @ his blog
http://jackcurtin.com/ldo/?p=148 First Post
http://jackcurtin.com/ldo/?p=160 Second
http://jackcurtin.com/ldo/?p=163 Third (revised menu)

Philly Beer Week Events on Tuesday, March 11th


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