brewvana & Eis beer: Have you ever made one?

So now I'm tempted to make my own Eis beer. J. Wilson over at brewvana is freezing a keg of homebrew and then while frozen racking to another. Hmmm...just might have to try that one :-) Is there a trick to this stuff?
brewvana: freezing my eis off

Here's an Eisbock recipe from Brew Your Own.



Russ said...

I made an Eisweizen last year. Basically I had half a keg of Hefeweizen lying around and I threw it in the backyard when we had a nasty cold spell. Then at some point (maybe after a couple days?) I brought it in, hacked through the ice, and siphoned out what wasn't frozen. I thought it was incredible. The only thing is there's a lot of guessing involved in terms of how frozen the beer actually is.

Adam said...

So, you winged to too? Did it just concentrate the taste or were there other changes you could detect?

Russ said...

Well, it concentrates the taste, but it also smooths things out (e.g. reduces esters) and brings in an alcohol warmth. For example, with the Eisweizen, the banana notes that were prevalent before icing were way subdued, which brought out the clove flavor big-time. That plus the noticeable alcohol made for a fairly unique beer that goes beyond simply amplifying the flavor. I think it's a fun experiment, even if it is hard to control.

Adam said...

Thanks Russ. That's awesome insight. Hmmmm...gotta try this sometime.