Blogging from my cell phone...

Thought I'd give twitter (wikipedia)another try. Look over there ----> where it says "From my cell phone". Twitter allows me to use my cell phone to post stuff to my blog. Normally twitter would be used mostly with cell phones and txt messages. Send a text message to twitter and it sends it to all your followers. In this case I'm also using a badge to post my twitter messages in my sidebar. Some of the more famous uses according to the Wikipedia article are...
You know this could really be cool for Philly Beer Week. With all the events going on, it would be great to hear short realtime updates from your friends. I could imagine stuff like...
  • "just got my copy of Joe Sixpack's new book signed"
  • "they're pouring Yards ESA on cask @ Triumph"
  • "just kicked the keg of 120 min cask @ Real Ale Festivale, next keg is a cask of soured perkuno's hammer"
  • "Sam Calgione brought a randal with orange blossoms in it"
If anybody wants help with setting this up on their blog or cell phone just ask :-)



kmudrick said...

Are you hearing rumors of cask 120 minute ipa at the real ale festival? The first two "possibilities" seem legit, so..? :)

Travis said...

I have had a twitter account for a while now and I had not done anything with it. Good call on beer blogging via cell phone. I was pissed that it doesn't seem to send camera phone pics though.


Adam said...


No...just wishful thinking :-( Hmmm...I wonder how you would do a 120 minute cask? In order to get the carbonation naturally you would need some pretty tough yeast to live in that 20% abv beer. Hmmm...interesting.


Yeah...it would be cool to send a photo to all your followers at once. Have you checked out http://www.tumblr.com? I dont' think you get stuff delivered to your cell phone, but, it does support pictures and such.