Beer Crier: Tell us about beer from your cell phone!

Beer Crier can be used by anybody to share beer and brewing updates. Just grab that cell phone and use Twitter to txt msg or IM Beer Crier. Within seconds tons of people could know. You can find Beer Crier here.

  • Seems like a cool way to build a community of mobile beer drinkers.
  • We want you to share beer stuff with Beer Crier visitors.
  • Use your cell phone to let us know what is going on at an event without a computer.
  • Brewing with friends? We want to know!
  • Find something cool on tap? we want to know!


  1. Sign up for a twitter account at http://twitter.com/.
  2. Email me your twitter profile so I can follow your profile.
  3. That's it! Your twitter text messages will be shown on Beer Crier immediately :-)
  4. Go find something beer related to twitter about.
Cost: Free! Here are a few tools used update Beer Crier.
  • Instant Message - Free (via mobile phone using something like gtalk or traditional IM client on a computer)
  • Website - Free
  • SMS messages cost money. This is probably the typical way to use Twitter. If you want to use Twitter this way, you will get charged according to your cell phone plan. We do not accept responsibility for any fees you are charged.
When? Anytime day or night. Preferably when you have a cool beer experience. If you have questions feel free to leave a comment here or email me at beercrier@gmail.com.


Note: Beer Crier is in beta right now so it will be a little sketchy and clunky af first. Twitter is being used to fuel Beer Crier.

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