Beer Crier & Home Brew & YOU

Some of you might be wondering what the heck the Beer Crier thing is all about. After all this is supposed to be a home brew related blog. Well, all I can offer up as an explanation is being burned out. I brewed my but off for a few months and it is taking a while to get back into it. That coupled with winter seems to have put a damper on things.

So what do I do when I get burned out or less interested? Well, find another hobby of course. This time its the Beer Crier website. The idea of a site where people could share what they are drinking isn't new. I've been stewing on it for years, but, it wasn't until recently that I thought I could get something going with Twitter.

Beer Crier doesn't need to be about that special beer you found while out on a Friday night. I'm thinking we might use it to microblog...
  • brewing sessions
  • a visit to the homebrew store
  • an invite to a brew session
  • informal beer event coverage

So when I say WE I mean you too.



Travis said...


I added a Twitter thing to my blog and realized that with Blogger, I can drag and drop the twitter element into the main section of the page above the blog content.

My hope is that this allows for me to micro blog and blog. The best part is that the visitors will be able to follow both from the same place. Make sense?

I was wondering why you started an entirely new blog for your Twitter.


Adam said...

Hey Travis,

You know I never thought about it that way. Do you mean besides my tendency to over-complicate matters?

I wasn't going to at first, but, then I thought I could really turn it into something bigger than just MY Twitter updates.

I want to build a community of beer informants (beer criers) who tip us off when they find a rare beer or get to meet Charlie Papazian, etc. Of course, I don't know how it will turn out. It might be that the Twitter use cases just don't align with my goal. We will see.

Another difference is that I'm publishing my "with others" feed via my site. So if BeerCrier is following a profile, then their updates get published too. For example, even though you are following me, your twitter updates don't show on my site. MNB opted to have BeerCrier follow them, so their updates show on the Beer Crier site.

Thanks for the question. Made me take inventory of where things are right now. One of the upsides to blogging with good people I'd say ;-)


Travis said...

Very cool idea. I like it a lot. Seriously, I had totally forgotten about Twitter until you posted something up about it. I was at a loss for what it would ever be used for.

That's a great concept and you're welcome to post my ramblings on there as well. I would love to be a part of this.

Good stuff! I like the thinking outside the box and I'm glad I asked.


Adam said...

Awesome! Beer Crier is following CNYBrew. Happy to have you participating. Feel free to keep the questions coming. Sparks good convo and moves us all in new directions :-)