A Bad Brewer ;-)

Alan from A Good Beer Blog is brewing up some beer. Seems the yeast are training him well. He's pondering his subservitude to the little buggers.

I like that Alan is blogging about such things. I mean he could just post the recipe, a list of perfectly followed steps and tasting notes that talk about hints of diacetyl and licorice. Nope, he lets it all hang out. It took a long time, wasn't pretty, might not turn out right and well he just plain admits to not having it all together. What the hell's his problem? Why isn't he putting a glossy finish on all this? After all the man knows his beer and is an accomplished blogger. Maybe that's it. He knows what it takes to keep a site like his interesting. Honesty, he tells it like it is. Thanks Alan.


Note: Just in case you didn't "get" the little winking smiley up there. I'm not really calling him a bad brewer. Click through to his site to see the reference.


Alan said...

There was a Kids in the Hall skit around 1991 withDave Foley coming out of an operating room dressed as the surgeon and covered in blood. His monologue started "I'm a doctor...I am bad doctor..."

Adam said...


Ahhh...well I take all those nice things I said back ;-)

Now I have to find that episode and watch it. Sheesh.