What people tell me about brewing Sour Beer...

Nate, Dell and Kevin chimed in on the last post about how to brew sour beer. Here is what I got out of it.
  • it takes 18 - 24 months to make good sour beer (patience is a virtue eh?)
  • be careful to not infect your non-sour beer batches by having dedicated equipment and or dispose of the cheaper equipment after you use it with the souring yeasts
  • there are types of sour beer (Oud Bruin - Flemish Sour, others..)
  • wooden casks are use to sour beer by exposing the beer to the right proportion of sour producing yeast
  • some sour yeasts were mentioned (lactobacillus, brettanomyces [lambicus or bruxellensis] , pediococcus damnosus)
  • Jamil Z on The Brewing Network Podcast talked about brewing sour beer
  • Dell is no expert ;-) (I think he's being modest.)
  • Dell has a large celler of beer. (I've seen it. He ain't kiddin' ;-)
  • the book Wild Brews by Jeff Sparrow is recommended
  • Pierre Rajotte's book Belgian Ale was mentioned by Nate.

Here are some other things I've found as well. Feel free to tell me whether or not these are any good. I figure if its on that there internet, it must be true ;-)

  • I checked out Charlie Papazian's, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing and he says you can sour your mash or your malt extract, kill the sour bugs after its partially infected by boiling. Then you make your wort with it and ferment it. Anybody out there try this?
  • Lambic Beer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from HBD.org - Seems to be pretty thorough, but, I haven't read it yet.
  • Books mentioned can be found at the Brewers Association website store. I would link to each, but, they website doesn't allow for that. (I am a member of the AHA, but, I don't make money via them.) Amazon seems to have better prices.

The floor is still open. Anybody have something to say about sour beer? Release your inner sourhead!

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