Ted praises book by Papazian

Edit: Purchased the book today. Just read the first few pages. Papazian really knows how to reinvigorate that homebrewing spirit! Thanks Ted.

Ted over at Ted's Homebrew Journal has an inspiration post referring to Charlie Papazian's book Microbrewed Adventures. Well, now I'm interested in it. (thanks Ted :-/) Looks like Barnes and Noble has it. Add it to my todo list.
  • pickup fridge
  • rack Yule Porter to a keg
  • order malt extract
  • order a keg setup for a friend
  • go to B&N for Microbrewed Adventures by Charlie Papazian


Ted Danyluk said...

Let me know what you find inspiring, interesting or fun in this book. Yeah, I think it's Papazian's overall excitement for brewing and long involvement with it, that keeps us wondering about our own potential when brewing our own.

Cheers mate.

Adam said...

I've read the first few stories and just knowing that there were people like you and me who started breweries is cool. Its like a montra. Guy brews, guy starts brewery. Another guy likes to brew and he starts a brewery too. I guess it makes it seem less scary.

I'll keep you posted.

Have you seen this book? I'm not really seriously considering opening a brewery, but, it looks interesting...


Adam said...

Ok..just read some reviews of Starting Your Own Brewery. Seems everybody agrees its not quite what they expected for the price. Maybe I can get this one on the cheap.