Movin' on Up - Great homebrew blogs that I've added to my regular rotation.

Here are some sites I've been checking out. I thought it was about time to move them to my regular rotation. Good stuff! Check them out. Any quoted text came from the respective sites.

Muckney Brewing a blog with "incessant ramblings about beer, both brewing and drinking, in western Pennsylvania" by David and Justin.

Bearded Brewing Company is a blog about socially responsible organic brewing brought to us by The Bearded Brewer :-)

Freak Bros. Home Brew "Freak and E are on a mission to brew massive amounts of the finest beer known to man" and I'm hear to tell you they mean business.

Note: Any quoted text came from the respective sites.

The End


"E" said...

Thanks for the shout out brother!

Drink up and freak out!

Adam said...

Oh...I'm freakin' out! ;-)

The Bearded Brewer said...

Thanks for the link!

Adam said...

No sweat. Look forward to reading your side more regularly :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding us to your blog.


Adam said...

My pleasure. Your there for a reason ;-) Great site!