Fridge, Yule Porter, Ingredients and Victory Brewing

I've been slackin' lately. All these are on my todo list.
  • I have a free fridge to pickup (I'm thinking kegerator)
  • Yule Porter is sittin' in the primary ready to keg
  • Order some malt extract
  • Order a keg setup for a friend

Lets stray from homebrewing for a minute. I witnessed Victory's Baltic Thunder release this weekend at The Drafting Room. Baltic Thunder is different than Perkuno's Hammer, but, give it a month in the bottle and it should smooth right out and be very good on its own. During the release there were many Victory beers and some Heavyweight too. The Heavyweight is getting long in the tooth in some cases and should be consumed now if you have any.

Oh yeah, had some Doug's Colonial Ale that was awesome. Malty & bready with some smokiness...wow what a treat. Thanks Bryan for hagnin' onto that one. The Jackldrikka (sp?) didn't fair so well. Turn to vinegar it has. Ah well. As Heavyweight fades into the past its ripples carry forth. Can't wait to see how Earth Bread & Brewery rises from the ashes over the next year or so.



kmudrick said...

Good god, the combination of Heavyweight and Victory beers at TDR on Saturday destroyed me.

I liked the Thunder much more than the [tasted infected to me] 06 Hammer.. but less than a bottle of 06 Hammer that I had at Thanksgiving this year.

Adam said...

Yeah, the Heavyweight wasn't very well represented. The oxidized Baltus was pretty interesting. The sour worked in that beer.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get my hands on some of this stuff!