Dry Hopped English Ale getting soapy at the end of the keg...

It is clear as hell, but, something is off putting as I pull the last few pints. Most of the keg was fine. The flaw is more accentuated here at the end. This is about the third time I've used my homegrown Cascade for dry hopping and well, I'm starting to see some problems. Hey, its an adventure and I'm ok with that. Perhaps I'll be using it for bittering or maybe flavor hops.

What's the lesson here? My homegrown hops may not be as desireable as whole leaf purchased from a store? Well, maybe. I haven't used whole leaf Cascade from the store so I can't make that assumption yet. Who knows it could just be the way I went about the dry hopping by putting the hops in a bag and lodging it between the dip tube and the wall of the corny keg. Another turn in the road. One this is for certain. I won't be using anymore of this Cascade for dry hopping.

Still got the homebrew blues. Nothing much happening. Still gotta get that Yule Porter out of the primary. I'll leave you with a quote.

"Pardon me for breathing, which i never do anyway so i dont know why i even bothered to say it oh god i'm so depressed."

Marvin (The Paranoid Android), Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


Unknown said...

You may need to secondary longer or even do a 3rd fermentation. Sounds like you still have hops in suspension and they are settling out by the time you get to the bottom of the keg. I know, I shouldn't use the "F" word (filter) but I am considering doing some filtering with dry hopped beers and some others. For me it is more of a matter of getting in to the fridge sooner.


Adam said...


Thanks for the insight. BTW I'm totally lovin' your home brew setup in the pic.

I know what your talking about. That is one of the things I don't like about kegging. Anyway, I'm not sure that is what is going on this time. Too bad you can't just taste it...easily. Read on...

Well, I had another pint tonight and I'd have to say the beer is turning. Never had that happen before, but, this is a low alcohol beer, 4%. (something kinda new for me in the keg) Good thing its the end of the keg.

Guess I have to kick this particular brew in x number of days next time. Eh...another lesson learned.

I better get to that porter!

Anonymous said...

Great Hitchhiker's quote!

Adam said...

I was wondering if anybody would comment! Heheh